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Fuel, EPA Compliance and Facility Management.

Fully automated data Capture Options:

Site Smart- Virtual Real

  • Virtual Real-Time Reconciliation.
  • Physical hard drive for data storage.
  • Immediate notification of all tank alarms –via text messaging or email.
  • Tracks sales occurring during a delivery.
  • Can Capture Tank Monitor Test Results, Cathodic Protection Rectifier readings, Temperature Probes, Delivery Photos, Virtually any switch type sensor.

Centeron- AST & Propane

  • Add Propane tanks and ASTs to your dispatch solution, Centeron devices allow propane and above ground storage monitoring. Dispatch both private and commercial accounts just like UST accounts.

Three Specific Data View

  • EPA Compliance, Inventory Control (Compliance Officer).
  • Fuel Dispatch (Purchasing).
  • Facility Database and Alerts and Alarms (Maintenance).

EPA Compliance Management.
Fully Automated Inventory Control.
Reconcile BOL with ATG calculated deliveries.

Fuel Dispatch

Dispatch systems traditionally are data starved capturing only a portion of your delivered sites is not enough. Banneker Energy, LLC gives you the ability to capture inventory data from 100% of your delivered sites, even if there is no tank gauge available.

World Class Dispatch

Dispatching to Accounting Interfaces

Dispatch system interfaces are currently available to most existing petroleum related accounting databases, PDI, Factor, CMI, DM2
The data collected belongs to you our valued customer, give us a file spec and we can write a cost effective interface to virtually any accounting database.


The key to fuel system maintenance management is knowing what equipment you have installed where and knowing as much real time information about that equipment as possible. It also helps to have the ability to pull minute by minute fuel related history reports.

Site Level Dashboard

OpSmart- Immediate alarm notification

All alarms reported immediately to the OpSmart website and redistributed via text messaging and/or email to multiple messaging multiple recipients, “Distribute alarms to the personnel who need them.

Full Facility Database

  • Track all facility data.
  • Photo Database up to 24 photos.
  • Full Tank database.
  • Site Inspection and EPA Compliance Audit completed as part of monitoring equipment install.
  • Photo Database.
  • Tank Database.
  • Dispensing Equipment.
  • Fuel Pointing Detail.

A-Z Facility Management

One cost effective solution:

  • Reduce Fuel Inventories –react to market changes or Plan for emergencies.
  • Increased productivity of existing employees -do more with the same employee base.
  • Track and manage EPA Compliance records.
  • Facility Document Management.
  • “Get facility alerts and alarms to the people that need them”.
  • Shared Conversation.

“It’s Your Data”

  • User permissions define the view of data –“each user has their unique and appropriate view of the data”.
  • Compliance Managers -need access to EPA compliance data.
  • Purchasing and Emergency Response -need access to Dispatch Data and Fuel Inventories.
  • Custom Reports and Views available.
  • Data can be exported in any format.


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